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The Best Walking Shoes for Men

This list below features what we honestly believe to be the best men’s shoes for walking in 2014.

I’m always looking up and trying out the latest models and new releases, but sometimes they don’t make them like they used. These ones are our favorites and we believe should be owned at least once by everyone if not all at the same time.

Remember, fit is the most important thing to consider when buying shoes and not the way they look. Your feet will thank you later for making a great decision.

Top 3 Men’s Shoes for Walking

We’ll be the first to say that these are not the only good pairs of shoes for walkers out there, just the ones we are familiar with and confident enough to publicly recommend on this site.

In order for a model of shoes to make it on this list, they have to measure up in terms of quality of materials, comfort, fit, ratings, and popularity on the web. This will ensure that any shoe you pick from this list will be an excellent shoe that will last many months as long as you buy a shoe that fits.

For Just About Everything

My number one favorite walking shoe for men is the Rockport City Trails 2 Stripe Oxford. It is a great shoe for walking that has great support and comfort, but also is fairly fashionable, which I think is also fairly important for the shoes I buy.

The sole of the shoe is what makes this one special. Rockport worked with Adidas to incorporate an Adidas adiPrene cushioning technology footbed that not only is comfortable, but also supportive.

I bought this shoe for me and it’s personally one of my favorite shoes I have ever worn. The City Trails is perfect for any exercise or casual walking such as shopping or amusement parks. It also has nearly 100 reviews on Amazon at 4.5 stars.

For Work and Date Nights

My second best walking shoe is the Rockport Ledge Hill Wing Tip Lace-Up. Just like the other Rockport, I own this shoe, too.

A little more fashionable and formal than Rockport’s City Trails, the Ledge Hill is the perfect shoe for lots of walking in business casual and semi formal environments.  This is actually my second favorite shoe, because this is the one I wear to work and meetings with clients.

I also use this shoe for date nights when I need to wear nicer attire and a lot of walking is involved. It’s a little more expensive than the City Trails, but even if it cost twice the money, it would still be a bargain because of how great and versatile this shoe is.

When Standing for Many Hours

This is the famous New Balance MW577 Walking Shoe. I say famous because New Balance has been making this shoe for years and has sold hundreds of thousands to people across the world who swear by it.

It’s the perfect casual shoe for walking around, but most people use it for work. It’s all black (or all white) color makes it work acceptable and the perfect fit, cushioning, and comfort make it work extraordinary.

If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day, then this is the shoe for you. It has over 400 reviews on Amazon and is assembled in the USA. If you buy this shoe, make sure you purchase the correct size and width to ensure it fits the best it can.

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